09 September, 2022

Macsteel offers a “one-stop shop” in Bright Bar

Macsteel Special Steels invests in a new MPI and UT inspection and testing line, offering a complete Bright Bar solution to our customers.

Special Steel refers to steel that is used in an engineering environment and not in a structural or construction environment. These types of steels typically need to be re-worked by means of machining, forging, heat treatment or a combination thereof.

Macsteel Special Steels trade in carbon steels, alloy steels and hollow bar. The material often gets heat treated, either as a full bar or after the customer has machined it. This is done in-house at one of our heat treatment facilities.

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In order to keep ahead of the market, you need to be the best, and today, I believe that in the special steels niche, Macsteel Special Steels is the best in the business, offering the best solutions to our customers.

We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers through stockholding capabilities, our value-adding facilities and most importantly through our people.

Our winning philosophy is to treat our customers like valued partners, enabling them to grow their businesses through our differentiated products and services. The question is, how do we achieve this and how do we maintain it?

Getting to the top is easier than staying on top. That is why we believe in constantly Pursuing Reinvention.

We always try and find new ways of improving the services and solutions we offer our customers by understanding all their needs, direct and implied. It comes down to knowing your customer.

What we have come to learn about our customers is that they do not want to struggle in doing business, they love convenience. So, where possible, we try and provide them with a total solution; we endeavour to be that “one-stop shop” that makes their lives easier.

A shining example of this philosophy is our recent innovation around our Bright Bar products and services.

Previously the final inspection and testing of the Bright Bar that we manufactured at Macsteel Special Steels Dunswart and Bright Bar in Meyerton, was done outside of Macsteel but being true to the Spirit of Pursuing Reinvention, we wanted to be able to offer the full solution to our customers, in house.

Knowing that our customers wanted ease of doing business, we decided to invest in a fully functional, non-destructive magnetic and ultrasonic testing line. Except for the demagnetising and ultrasonic testing units, the project was entirely designed and manufactured by Macsteel. Proudly South African and proudly Macsteel!

Pursuing Reinvention means that you are never satisfied with the status quo. There is always room for improvement.

Daan du Plooy

Business Unit Lead: Macsteel Special Steels

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