12 September, 2019

Smaller Business Focus for Freestock Division

No matter their size, customer satisfaction and finding solutions for their needs is a pillar which has long characterised Macsteel’s customer-centric approach to steel sales. With this in mind, Macsteel’s Freestock division supplies smaller businesses with material at a reasonable price.

Based in Dyson Road, Wadeville, the Freestock division mainly carries secondary products such as slit coils, flat sheets, roofing, tubing and lipped channels.

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The flat sheets are off-cuts from prime coils as well as sheets cut from secondary coils bought on the Mittal tender, which are available in non-standard widths and thicknesses. It also obtains line-off cuts from its Coil Processing division, which are sold at a reduced price in two-ton bundles, consisting of various sizes and thicknesses in all the grades, i.e. cold rolled, galvanized, hot rolled and chromadek.

It also keeps a wide variety of slit coils in all grades at a highly reduced price, most of which are off-cuts from coils that were slit for larger customers.

Likewise, tubing products result either from over-cuts or rejects from Macsteel Tubing with cross-weld and splits and is available in various sizes and thicknesses in mixed bundles.

Freestock’s roofing sheets consist of B-grade sheets (damaged, rusted sheets) as well as prime material in either 3.6m, 4.2m and 6m lengths in both corrugated and IBR and adding to that is a variety of galvanized, chromadek and Aluzinc sheets.

Further serving walk-in customers is a cash-and-carry facility allowing them to make instant purchases as and when they need stock.

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