03 October, 2022

Tosa Wrap™ - The return of a South African favourite

Tosa Wrap™ is Macsteel’s patented external shrink wrap product. It’s uniquely self-healing to prevent corrosion and deterioration of a steel pipeline. Tosa Wrap™ is a wrapped galvanised pipe, fitted with your connection of choice. It’s painted with bitumen, and then wrapped with a low-density polyethylene sleeve which gets heat-shrunk onto the pipe.

It offers three levels of corrosion protection; the galvanising, the bitumen and the LDP sleeve. It protects the steel because the sleeve ‘self-heals’ over time. The bitumen is under constant pressure from the shrink wrapping and if the wrapping is damaged, the bitumen seeps through and seals the puncture, so that nothing gets into direct contact with the base steel.

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Tosa Wrap™ was first manufactured by Barloworld Robor in 1999 and has been known and sought after for its corrosion resistance for the last 20 years. Robor had immense success with the product up until about three years ago when the company halted operations. Part of Macsteel’s acquisition agreement with Robor, included the rights to Tosa Wrap™. People in the industry know it and ask for it by name. This great product complements our Macsteel Fluid Control business perfectly and offers Macsteel the opportunity to provide a bigger range of solutions to our customers.

The product was absent from the market for three years, but after some upgrades and the retooling on the production line, Tosa Wrap™ is back and ready to take the market by storm.

Tosa Wrap™ is about 30% cheaper than the equivalent product in the market. It was recently specified for a project in the Eastern Cape, requiring about four kilometres of galvanised pipe. This paved the way for Macsteel to reintroduce Tosa Wrap™ into the market.

If your project requires an affordable and sustainable anti-corrosive solution, ask for it by name.

Rowan Blomquist

Business Unit Executive: Fluid Control

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