02 June, 2021

Towing the quality line

Ever thought about the significance of your towbar? Ever considered the consequences of it breaking? That little steel ball that protrudes out of the rear bumper has an enormous amount of engineering in it. But that means very little if the quality of steel it’s made from isn’t of the highest standard.

Selecting a good quality tow bar is safety critical for your vehicle, its occupants, and other road users – never mind the cargo being towed. That said, there’s often very little, if any, thought given to how it’s made and whether the tow bar you have fitted to your car is of the highest quality and standard.

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A large majority of the tow bars manufactured for South African car market are made by Brink South Africa, who is part of a Dutch-owned company, Brink Group that has been in operation for well over 100 years.  The South African Joint venture was launched in 2006.

Mike Benfield, Macsteel CEO says, “Macsteel South Africa has a proud history of servicing the South African steel market for more than 100 years. It’s through our business units and strategic partnerships that we have developed and expanded to be Africa’s leading manufacturer, merchandiser and distributor of steel and value-added products.”

Macsteel supplies the highest quality steel to Brink Towing for the manufacturing of their towbars, this means supplying and customising materials to ensure that stringent European standards are met. These towbars are developed and tested in Brink Towing’s own research and development centre in South Africa and the Netherlands by a team of highly-experienced specialists.  With access to all the latest technology platforms, they are able to provide an optimal solution for virtually all car types, even for the latest hybrid and electric models.  These testing standards were developed using advanced measurements under the most extreme conditions of use. In doing so, motorists are assured of the highest quality towbar.

Brink Towing’s key markets within South Africa encompass certain Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), including Ford, Toyota and Isuzu, Original Equipment Suppliers (OES), as well as after-market tow bar installations.

Macsteel is the majority steel supplier for Brink Towing’s contract to manufacture towbars for the Ford Ranger range. This business constitutes a large portion of Brink Towing’s business. Macsteel’s reliable supply of top-quality steel has allowed Brink Towing to maintain and extend its contract with Ford until 2030.

Mark Gutridge, Brink Towing Managing Director says, “The importance of meeting quality standards cannot be overstated and it was challenging finding a South African supplier who could meet the stringent European standards.  Our search for the right partner led us to Macsteel, a partnership that has yielded great results and the assurance that we consistently receive the high-quality steel we require.”

Macsteel is a firm believer in the value business partnerships can bring. “When two businesses, that share the same goals and vision, join forces like Macsteel and Brink Towing, the influence and strength of each organisation can grow dramatically,” says Benfield. “We understand that a stronger business provides better products and improved quality and services to customers and that is what we are both striving for: to deliver a product of the highest quality and standard.”

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