10 February, 2023

Why stretching and levelling is critical to reduce risk downstream

The stretcher essentially removes the stress from steel. And if we do not provide a high-quality product, where the stress is removed, there is a strong probability of having spring back on steel, which could result in damage on equipment and great downstream costs for our customers. – Nival Porun, Operations Executive: Macsteel Service Centres SA.

Macsteel is a market - leading steel supplier and we use many strategic advantages to deliver differentiated services and products to our customers. One of them is the Stretcher leveller at Macsteel Coil Processing in Wadeville.

The Coil Processing facility offers slitting, standard cut-to-length, blanking, precision levelling and stretching of steel, according to specified requirements. Essentially it provides us with a way to provide a complete turnkey solution to the customer.

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Why stretch steel?

When a piece of steel is uncoiled, it can only be used after removing elements of stress from it, leaving it straight and flat enough for use. The uncoiled steel is put through a levelling process to remove the elements of the stress. If further optimisation is required on that product, it is taken through the stretching process. These applications are highly dependent on the requirements of the customer.

The products that come out of the stretcher levelling process may be used in applications requiring laser profiling and fabrication in the automotive and appliance industries. These customers are investing in high tech assets such as fibre lasers. Our focus is to provide them with a high quality products that limits their processing risk.

The stretcher is an impressive piece of machinery that provides strategic benefits to the end user. It creates flexibility based on the customer’s product range and enables Macsteel to provide a wider offering to their customer base.

The stretcher leveller is one of only two in the country and has been in operation at Macsteel Coil Processing for more than 20 years. And the demand is growing. By having a one-stop coil processing facility, Macsteel is in the position to offer our customers a complete solution around most tolerances and dimensions of steel.

Over and above this, with the strategic fleet that we employ, we have the ability to service our customers speedily. The fleet is designed to accommodate the various products that our customers require. The coil processing facility spans over 70 000m2, which caters for customer-owned material and material supplied by Macsteel. The coil processing facility complies with the ISO and TS Standards, which should provide comfort to the end user that Macsteel follows stringent quality control processes.

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